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I spent the entire Obama presidency obliterating the fake economic data perpetuated by his BLS, BEA and every other government agency trying to paint a rosy economic picture.I voted for Trump because the thought of Crooked Hillary as the president made me ill.“Once you strip out the effects of the debt binge, the artificial stimulus via currency depreciation, and the fabled ‘wealth effect’ from the equity market runup, real GDP growth stripped-down to its core was the grand total of 0.7% last year.Potemkin would be proud.” It appears every president finds the religion of false economic narrative once they ascend to power.Real earnings have not budged in over two years when the economy was supposedly adding 200,000 jobs per month.And this is using the patently false CPI as the measure of inflation.I don’t need politicians pissing down my back and telling me its raining.The other false narrative flogged relentlessly by politicians, Wall Street shysters, CNBC bimbos, and a myriad of highly paid MSM talking heads is the record stock market highs are a reflection of a strong robust economy. The stock market went up 360% over the last nine years as real wages stagnated and even the highly manipulated GDP barely grew at a 2% rate.

We are eight years into a fake recovery built on trillions in debt, with the ensuing bubbles in the stock market, bond market and real estate market.Do you think it was just a coincidence the stock market imploded by 10% in an instant?Shockingly, the Fed increased their balance sheet by billion over the next two weeks and the stock market rebounded dramatically.Every president takes credit for any good news, spins bad news as good news, or blames the previous president for bad news that can’t be denied.The president has absolutely zero impact on the economy or stock market over the short term.

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