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'The grateful mother is now trying to get in touch with the passer-by who lent her their scarf.

She added: 'To the person who gave away their scarf to a stranger on a cold day and wrapped up my sweet baby Louis, I'm wondering if I can find you? If you can share this picture I'd be very grateful (here's me and Louis on the street, and Louis snuggling in it now.) 'It feels like a fitting week to return it and introduce my babbling, toddling baby to a member of his welcoming party.'A UCLH spokesman told Buzzfeed: 'After Mrs Elizabeth Hines gave birth last December, we carried out an internal investigation so that we could learn from her experience and reduce the risk of it happening again.

'I remember so clearly lying down, seeing the ankles of commuters around me and knowing what was about to happen.

The fortune teller predicted that a casual meeting on a stone bridge would make Lera happy.But within half an hour, Mrs Hines and her husband were already rushing back to the hospital for her to give birth - but only made it as far as Tottenham Court Road station before Louis came into the world.She wrote: 'But thankfully Louis was absolutely fine and this was a euphoric and beautiful birth, and a strangely festive entrance!What a great day it was for the lucky fella when he ended up spraying Champagne and cum all over her sexy belly.I met this petite teeny not far away from home and invited her in for a friendly chat. Of course I wanted to fuck her and of course I did, and the fact that she was so shy and bashful at first only made sex better.

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