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He does look fat on the show and I think it's the way they light him and the clothes he wears. He's naturally got a thick build so like R12 said, even a little extra weight will make him look like a fattie. No wonder so many actors smoke.[quote]Does Nathan smoke cigarettes? Like one poster said, he's never been thin, but he has bulked up a lot recently (it's all good to me). He's like Jason Bateman's stockier younger brother.

They always have him in a collared shirt and he really doesn't have much of a neck so the shirts make him seem fatter. Someone who claimed to know him posted here a few years ago and stated that he's straight, but weird. Men with his body type tend to gain weight in the ass easily, so it's probably a good thing they hide his once-promising posterior now - I bet it's big and round and not in a good way. I've never watched the show but I checked it out after reading this thread. I like my men on the bigger side but his face doesn't look good.

But I remember it because I watched the Llanview program at the time and recognized NF from there.

But he's so charismatic that it works for him in the roles he's had. The camera makes his face look even wider and larger.

I'll always love Captain Mal Reynolds; he was iconic in that. DL is a misogynist space, as this "frau" hatred makes clear.

See the trending topics and with 1 click you are chatting with people all over the world. You can even use TALK app free on mobiles or desktops. I just got my bf interested in Firefly and we've been watching multiple episodes every night. The 14 episodes of Firefly are totally worth watching if you liked the film. Very introverted and even a bit of an intellectual. It was the upper west side of NYC in the 90s, and it was teeming with soap actors and broadway actors.But he has gotten heavier as CASTLE has been on the air, AND the lines on his face don't help. I know he and Tuc used to hang out back in the day but I never suspected Nathan was gay and never heard stories about him. Must be really humiliating for a guy to stand on the scales then be told they are cutting his pay due to his weight gain.Seems like there was someone else from the OLTL cast he and Tuc were tight with too but I can't remember. I was surprised because I thought maybe they were just friends because he didn't ping. I guess women have been going through it for a long time too. When he used to be on Myspace, he had a blog for a short time and he once posted about some rude women lighting up near him and he vented about it.

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