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I know Congresswoman Speier, who I usually don't agree with on much, but she's right on this.They want to get rid of that wait time for being able to push through and actually file an actual complaint. If you remove that rule and make the congressman either get employment, defense insurance or made them pay out their campaign PAC funds and stuff. That's another thing I am a little bit worried about here.

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I mean, I guess, after the (inaudible) thing, I thought this is actually going to accomplish something. Whether it's intentional or not, you wind up shaming the victim, and I understand also you've got to make sure -- INGRAHAM: Harvey Weinstein went around trying to get nondisclosures too, right? We are talking about Congress because, you know, we are here in Washington, and they are the one supposed to be the lawmakers, but this is across the board.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) JACKIE SPEIER: In fact, there are two members of Congress, Republican and Democrat right now, who serve who have been subject to review or not have been subject to review but have been engaged in sexual harassment. They are trying to make sure that they lived under several other laws and they also wanted to create something to deal with sexual harassment.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This member asked the staffer to bring them over some materials to their residence and the young staffer is a young woman, went there, and was greeted by a member in a towel. But in doing this, they have instituted a culture of corruption and they have created much more intimidation for people who want to step forward. This is the Office of Compliance, the steps a woman has to go through to file a complaint.

BOLDEN: But, Laura, you know, in the reformation or the amendment of this legislation on both sides, you've got to make it uncomfortable for bad behavior. One of the most shocking things you lead with was that the public tax dollars are paying for these settlements. I tell you, you would force a lot less of this bad behavior because that hits them where their pocketbooks are. There was a point in this research that I was reading today, apparently, a congresswoman was warning about the congressmen who sleep in their offices like those are the ones -- I don't know if that's fair, because I know some who sleep in their offices and they are great people, but apparently that's a problem. Is it's just the usual stuff where you get into a position of power? I mean, I remember being in the White House elevator during the Reagan administration and Strom Thurmond made a few interesting comments to me and I was 22 years old. You can't even say to someone you look at great, nice dress like people are afraid.

Maybe you were kind of a geeky guy -- they didn't have a lot of chicks, and then you get to Capitol Hill. I know men who are afraid to have any interaction at any time with a woman alone.

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