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But why did it take so long for this to get so much notice? BOLDEN: Well, he paid a lot of money also -- (CROSSTALK) INGRAHAM: Let's not forget men and young boys have been victimized, abused, and often times this happens in Hollywood but not only Hollywood. It's people in positions of power, who usually have some problem within themselves.

It's just Harvey Weinstein and all the other stuff swirling around, I guess, this is just what people are talking about? SMITH: Yes, I think that may be some of it and now we are getting a little bit of light shed on it. They have no self-esteem or their father didn't love them. They don't know how to treat people and maybe, just maybe will learn how to treat people better.

And I think that's the difference because as you see each of these industries go with these disclosures whether it's Hollywood or some other industry, now you're seeing the government.

And now the government who enforces and makes laws, if they won't lead on this, then I got to tell you, where in the space of the hypocrisy bucket, if you well.

INGRAHAM: Grassley said if this law isn't working, should revise it, change it.

And some major developing stories for you on other fronts.

According to the Congressional Office of Compliance, between 19, hundreds of women have been paid .2 million in total in awards and settlements for Capitol Hill workplace violations. And Scott Bolden, former chairman of the Democratic Party in Washington, D. JENNY BETH MARTIN, PRESIDENT, TEA PARTY PATRIOTS: It was part of the Congressional Accountability Act, which -- at the time, they were trying to make congressmen live under the law.

The House Administration Committee held a hearing on the matter yesterday. (END VIDEO CLIP) INGRAHAM: Joining us of our reaction here in Washington is Jenny Beth Martin. So, they had passed including Title VII under Civil Rights Act.

The problem, of course, is pushing women into mediation. If I look at this as a former attorney, this is kind of pushing -- you don't really want to file this.


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