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The Sidonian Kings went as far as even entitling themselves the high priest of Asherah, while the hieratic priests via the once settled Egyptian colony of Byblos enlarged the proto syllabic Linear alphabet, as was the Serpentine cultivation abound with Linear A and B to Crete and Greece.When writing withal was exported from Phoenicia into Greece, as assumed by Herodotus, "Byblos" then formulated very words such as "Bible" to the Greeks, as with the resurrecting pagan fertility god Adonis, or Adonia to the early Hebrews.These archaeological excavations by Sir William Flinders Petrie in the Sinai Desert furthermore referred to the consort of Ba'al as Ba'alat ("Lady of Byblos") of which her Golden Calf was worshipped by Aaron and the early Hebrews before the annexation of the marauding Levites (Exodus 32:3-4). The 9 month impregnation period for human female likewise became very discernible in the Heavens via the marriage between the Sun and Moon, with this period eventually becoming converted into early fertilization mythology, or otherwise known as exemplifying the conception and pregnancy of the Sun at the first Full Moon (Good Friday) once the Sun became crucified on the equinox (Easter) and was born 9 months later in December at the Winter Solstice (Christmas).Her emblem later being appropriated under the Cornucopia, or the Horn of Plenty, delineated as the Cow's horn pouring forth all the fruits and flowers of the earth. The pentacle also being long attested by Mesolithic astronomers which equally depicts the same rosary geometrical pattern drawn by Venus every eight years around the Sun in our night sky.To the philosopher Plotinus, she was the image of creation itself.Historians such as Diodorus Siculus noted that she even held greater power than the King in Egypt.To many early cultures prior to this climax however, her reverence outside of the supernatural domain initially stemmed far back into prehistory through the astronomical and cyclic thanksgivings of all organic lifeforms on Earth, and thus became agronomically regarded as very towering figure in antiquity.

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It goes back to a very remote period of human civilization".The acclaimed Cross at a 90 right angle has been one of the most ancient and exalted human ideograms of the Sun throughout the world and has been celebrated as a symbol of life not only to Christians, but also to the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Greeks, the Amerindians and to the Egyptians dating well back as far as the To most of these early cultures, it's sited through what came to be regarded as the widespread observance of the "Crossing" and resurrection of the Sun at the Vernal Equinox (Easter) using the four seasons.To the Christian father Irenaeus, who in the 2nd century determined the Four Gospels, also echoed this same pattern, declaring that, , which also included works from Sextus the Pythagorean, parts of Plato's Republic on the Just-Man crucified, and extracts from the zodiacal Hermetica.The ancient Romans referred to the Stellar cults of Venus as "Lucifer" the light bringer, or the morning star that announced the daily birth and death of the divine Sun from Dawn/Aurora, the morning goddess of the Sun.In Phoenicia, Venus was known as "Shaher", and the evening star "Shalem", born from Asherah in her womb aspect as Helel "the Pit".

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