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Tbe shelter is designed to allow up to two weeks continuous broad- casting from the KSAC radio tran Hijiit ti T site two iniles north of Manhattan, he suid. t how can he be assured that he -will get a qualified inetruc- Editorioi tor., BUIIi DINO OP the cement nnderground cubicle was begun in the fall, 1964 when the Office of Civil Defense conducted studies to determine nationwide locations for emergency broad- cast outlets, Gingrich said. This problem, how- ever, has been handled by other universities using the machine enro U- m^nt eyatem* Per taifeaaoe."The plan would Inconveni- ence only those who drive and live relatively close to campus," Bur Jthard said.

Because of the taaura nila, administrators often cannot tire an tnoompetent profossor, and they haf a v«sr Jttila oontiai mw ivhat htm«m Im tka claaaroofn. Most students linow who are the good and poor instructors.Salary Increases tor KHMata's football coaching staff were ap- proved.Effective March 1, Doog Weaver's salary will be in- creased from |ie, SO0 to 117,160.THE PROPOSAJL would re- strict Innan M of permits tor main campus parking to the fol- lowing: faculty; administrative Regents Affirm Hess Appointment as Dean The Board of Regents, Satur- day, ai)i)n)Vfd tlu' appointnipnt of Carroll Hess as Dean of the College of Agriculture to replace Dpan Diiane Acker. nr OTHER action, the regmt S ii|Hi M|M^the naming of two new bil^^BI here.Acker re- signed in Ja^uiiry to accept a position at South Dakota State University. A new htgb-i Plee dormitory, on wbich const ruc- tion will be started this spring, will be named for Herbert Hay- maker, a former botany Instrufi^ tor for 46 years.

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