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Longevity is just about perfect for an evening out. I love the cutted grass moment in it, i guess is comming from Mimosa. Still sweet, but a little less so with more quality ingredients. It'll be great evening wear for me the rest of the year.It's like a spring walk in nearby park and after that it takes over tobacco and cinnamon notes, making a very warm and cuddly aura. Wow this is really good, the cinnamon, leather, and tobacco play each other up so well.It's warm, cuddly, spicy, cuddly, tobacco-y, cuddly goodness. Harsh alcohol opening, dry down is nice, but lasts far too shortly, and quickly fades to a memory.Man oh man do I love this Christmas tree fragrance in a bottle. YW Something really bugs me every time I see reviews of Burberry London.In addition, leveraging security intelligence and integrating security with operations and developer teams can help organizations push the boundaries of innovation.

London can be worn any occasion as long as the weather is cold. A wonderful scent - opens up with a blast of cut grass and pine, then very quickly settles into something sweet and cozy on the skin.

I think it's more like some have misspoke, English isn't everyone's first language.

It doesn't smell like a Christmas TREE, but that it reminds us of the Christmas SEASON.

As machine intelligence gets baked into more products and services, as more human tasks become automated, and as more industries are disrupted, the tech industry needs to think differently. Your competitor has a shiny new AI-driven chatbot, so shouldn't you be developing one, too? Here's why these customer-facing bots may not be the best first project for your AI program, and what you should choose instead.

Ask any CIO and they'll likely tell you one of their greatest fears is a data breach, and rightfully so.

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    Likes,dislikes,favourite stuffs,movies,music,religion,games,novels,academics etc. So, i understand why many girls dont really respond to guys when online. If its based on normal plain talk,they are quite interesting to chat with.u guys dont just get it. Girls have so abused that letter, My best chats are with girls that are excitable and are always willing to have a conversation.

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