Dating translation scams

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And probably soon (how can one not believe in his own lucky star?! And quite soon an interested person from America, Canada, Britain or any other country finds out that a ukrainian girl named Elena has always dreamt about him in some russian nook. Right becomes sure that it is love sent him by God.Scammers approach translators and other freelancers with the lure of supposedly lucrative work — but they want you to pay for the leads.Or sometimes, they act like they’re a potential employer but they ask you to use a particular piece of software or other tool, which, of course, they will sell to you.The check turns out to be stolen or a fake and the victim is left out of pocket for the sum wired back.Scammers will try to convince the translator they’re genuine by seeming to communicate from a recognized translation agency or a well-known online community.For instance, the popular translators’ forum Pro lists numerous instances where the site itself has been used as a platform by scammers claiming to be Pro Z members and using the site’s email service to supposedly commission work.

The clients of online dating agency sites get messages like this regularly. In the end the foreigner learns that his beautiful Elena turned out to be a bearded Boris, but most likely the ill-starred foreigner will blame heartless rus sian women for everything. ) an amorous foreigner will send the "Princess" a couple of thousand bucks, so that she could buy a ticket and they could live happily together.Translation scams come in four forms, varieties of which could equally apply to many other types of freelance work.This is the old familiar trick of offering work, sending a check and then asking for part of the payment to be wired back for some reason.

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