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yeah expect those too• if you are upset he would constantly think about you even if he wasn’t there to comfort you• he could easily cheer you up• he could easily make you feel like you are the most beautiful person in the whole world; especially in his world• but I think cheering him up is a little bit more tricky• you know how unhappy he is sometimes with himself• sometimes I think he criticizes himself the most out of all people, he’s a perfectionist• so even you telling him that he did good on stage that day, he would probably just give you a smile but he wouldn’t quiet believe it.• but at some point he has to accept your compliments so you giving him constantly compliments on how good he looks and he would just end up smiling so bright (like you know how shy he gets when jungkook compliments him jfc)• like when this boy is in love, everyone has to be happy for him• jimin is a bad texter (knowing that bc the members just love to expose him) so you probably wouldn’t text that much, but phone calls would always be in• your parents would love him a lot, because he has great manners and he just knows what he has to say to impress them• you would talk about marriage stuff quiet often• so when it comes to sexual stuff, i honestly can’t tell if jimin is experienced or not• but the first kiss would be so precious • he would kiss you so often • so so often• his soft plump lips just have to feel good and he surely is a good kisser; experienced or not• creeping up behind you to kiss your shoulder• I think sex with jimin would be vanilla• lots of soft whispering• even if his penis might not be the biggest (let’s be real) sex with him would still feel so good• but I think even he has some fantasies too; so maybe he could get wild from time to time; especially if you are far in the relationship• like if you want to ride them thighs; he won’t turn you down• a top but also a shameless bottom• slowly lifting your legs over his shoulder; thrusting into you, letting them down just to give you his soft kisses all over your face down to your neck• maybe he will buy you rings (this boy likes rings a lot)• lots of cuddling if he’s in the mood• watching you while you’re eating; smiling foolishly and other days he won’t pay that much attention to you and only focuses on his food• maybe even couple outfits/phone cases ???

You literally can spend a whole Sunday afternoon watching young couples walk by and not once see a Black man and woman walking down the street romantically!

Yes, it was essentially Formspring, but where every answer had to be .

The problem has been that up until now the only way to respond to these messages has been publicly.

There would often be questions that I would want to answer, but did not want them posted to my site (either for clutter reasons, or because the person asking was revealing information they probably didn’t want me to publish).

But the new “Private Answers” feature unveiled today by Tumblr allows you to message other users without posting anything.

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