Dating men on oil rigs

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&ocid=3DP=ID28326:: T: WLMTAGL: ON: WL:en-US: WM_HMP:042010_4=--_498fd63f-1033-4a5b-ba58-e363900adc38_Content-Type: text/html; charset="iso-8859-1"Hel=lo Mom =2C =3BDad gave your email=2Csorry if the word mom look =offensive to u but i don't have better way to address u accept my prior apo=logy.I have to make a 3 miles journey to get here to send you this mail cos= of the good things dad has told me about you=3Bcurrently we don't have a c=afe in my location it went down and I don't have a laptop I wish I could. I would have love to be in close contact with you and communicate with u a=lways but =3B don't have my own =3B laptop or computer so I use the= public cafe but i hope things will change.I googled and found his name in a list posting oil rig scammers. A thing that I find interesting is that scammers create Facebook accounts and place the same fake pictures they send to women.

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He hasn't asked for money yet because, unfortunately for him, he made the horrible mistake to send me this email where he said he had chat with me and that I am in Hawaii, when he knows I am in California where he claims he lives as well.If this scammer has your real information, then you should drop him.Incidentally, since it appears you are looking for a real relationship (as opposed to those of us looking for scammers, that is) I would ignore anybody who claims oil rig or deployed American soldier as a career, as more than 99% of the time it is going to be a scammer, and not worth wasting your time. it contains the same story scammers use, this guy said all of a sudden he had to leave to work offshore oil rig, he claims he is a widow, ( he went to the extent to say that his father and his wife died in a car accident on valentines evening!!! He likes to be called Arman and says he is from Greece.Ys7 Uj Fiz J.r D6Il QOCZZrz3ODr V9K.__KMe El S_Ht Gd Qcm CMYL_f6D4Bb Rf KRe H K47GUb M2Dr RLe4r OGWly IBfs2br N1mht AMdgy LPQU_SSy9u6mze3Vksx Mvmq ny90vfds FUu93VRzav N77GKPNZPj Jz El GJufai_f OGK5bf7SXe WSGRk JRLGV s5IQAd Pkndl7Pwbw1EXPbrc8t QFs Pm Ict1b IEKg P8JSzror PYk Fxk9Wj NN9O d Et Uq W9Ixi AQ.Sw_V8gh9Hj2FTszc Rz3U8b Uz LTwupy Mhc Z236k Bm ISAJs Ux l N1_DB_Ynj1VOkw5hw NUblj Z3d Te P91q Toj Ebo A--Received: from [41.2] by web126101ne1.via HTTP; Mon, PDTX-Rocket-MIMEInfo: 002.001, R29v ZCBtb3Jua W5n IHRv IHlvd SBte SBk YXJsa W5n IHdvb WFu Li AKCs Kg IEhvdy B3YXMge W91ci Bua Wdod D8g SSBkby Bob3Bl IGl0IHdhcy B3b25k ZXJmd Wwuwq Ag SSB3YW50IHRv IGxld CB5b3Uga25vdy B0a GF0IEkga GF2ZSBi ZWVu IHRoa W5ra W5n IHNv IGRl ZXAg YWJvd XQgd XMu IFdl J3Zl IGJl Y29t ZSB2ZXJ5IGNsb3Nl IGlu IHRo ZSBw YXN0IGRhe XMgd Ghhd CB3ZSBo YXZl IGJl ZW4gd GFsa2lu Zywg Y2xvc2Vy IAp0a GFu IGVpd Ghlci Bv Zi B1cy Bldm Vu IGlt YWdpbm Vk Lgo KCl Ro ZXJl J3Mgc29t ZXRoa W5n IHIBMAEBAQE-X-Mailer: Yahoo Mail Web Service/ MIME-Version: 1.0Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="-1476493434-1507580394-1369063259=:8830"---1476493434-1507580394-1369063259=:8830Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Good morning to you my darling woman. I do ho=pe it was wonderful.=A0 I want to let you know that I have been thinking so= deep about us.

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