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Students enrolled in the program were also less likely to have another baby in their teens.Only 8 percent of babies born while their parents were enrolled in the program represented repeat births, compared to the national repeat birth rate among teens of about 18 percent.That’s where her friends were, and it meant a quick, free ride to class from her parents.But Hoover didn’t offer on-site child care like Cambridge did. The California Healthy Youth Act was passed in 2016, and requires that students learn unbiased and medically accurate sex education.That’s down from nearly 8 percent of California teen moms served by the centers in 2007.Now, Roosevelt High is the only school in the Fresno Unified district that still offers child care to teen parents.Facing a budget deficit in 2008, the state allowed funding for the School Age Families Education (Cal-SAFE) program to instead be used “for any educational purpose.” The switch to flexible funding resulted in a dramatic decline in the programs, which aimed to keep teen parents from dropping out by offering on-site child care and parenting classes.The state’s funding for Cal-SAFE went from more than million at its inception in 2000, to about million in 2008, and the program was officially shuttered in 2013.

Pretty much, it meant that the girls who were in school were the ones who had support from either their parents or grandparents to provide child care,” said Forbes, now a dean of instruction at Clovis Community College.

Despite the high number of teen pregnancies in the region, only seven of the 22 school districts in Fresno, Tulare and Madera counties offer programs for teen parents, according to a 2015 report by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Only six of the districts in those counties provide child care for children of enrolled students.

“The population was still there, so we had to work at supporting them in a different way,” Forbes said.

“What I always saw was these students had an increased motivation and focus.

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