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Ellsworth was granted a WWE World Championship match the following week on the October 18 episode of Smack Down Live, with Ambrose serving as the timekeeper and ring announcer (Ellsworth won the match by disqualification, but not the title).

Ellsworth gained some praise and subsequently developed a cult following due to his meek appearance and enthusiastic pre-match promo, in which he declared that "any man with two hands has a fighting chance" before being easily defeated by Strowman.During Survivor Series on November 20, Ellsworth hid under the ring and grabbed Braun Strowman's leg to prevent him from getting back in the ring, resulting in Strowman getting eliminated by countout, only for Strowman to chase Ellsworth up the ramp and put him through a table, injuring his neck.After legitimately signing a WWE contract, this was worked into a storyline on the 22 November episode of Smack Down Live, when Styles goaded the injured Ellsworth to face him in a ladder match for the right to be a Smack Down superstar with his contract suspended above the ring; Ellsworth agreed, but wanted another shot at the WWE World Championship should he win the match.We met on brides ru, and she shared her email address on but I tried to reach her there many times, she ignored me.I hope my example will be helpful for those who are about to sign up this scamming website.

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