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Indeed, the Copyright of Design Act 1842 only extended initial copyright protection for a period of three years.While it remains an important question for further historical research on specific registered designs, I would suggest a generic formula for computing a vessel's production date.The service will give businesses, universities and consumers instant access to the information they need so they can understand the progress of patent applications and save money."Patent examiners around the world will also benefit as they can now immediately understand why the UK Intellectual Property Office did, or did not, grant a patent.Secondly, it served as a positive marketing device to the extent that consumers viewed English pottery as a superior product.However, these two functions were apparently not overly significant because the vast, vast majority of pottery coming out of England lacked registry designation marking.Guardian Government Computing is a business division of Guardian Professional, and covers the latest news and analysis of public sector technology.

What follows below is a description of the marks and the information necessary to decode them.A textbook example of early industrial capitalism was the nineteenth century British pottery industry.While the early focus of protection was on technique and product, after 1842, English potters could also register their designs or patterns with the Patent Office and then impress or print the registry designation upon a vessel. First, it provided the producer with some design protection even though English potters were notorious in their "adaptations" of the patterns of others.Note that the registration number does not form part of the mark.The center is filled by the abbreviation "Rd" which signifies that the item is a formally patented or The location of the four pieces of information (year, month, day, and number of items in the bundle) contained within the diamond changed in 1868.

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