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A personal shout out has to go to Ristorante Bacco, set in a private recessed courtyard in the centre of the hotel, the picture of mood lighting and creeping vines, it offers a perfect romantic setting and authentic Italian cuisine.

Back to the wine list for a moment, Paphos is renowned for having the world oldest named wine still in production, an esteemed amber-coloured dessert wine named Commandaria.

When you imagine yourself following the wine trail, you may immediately picture the rolling hills of Tuscany or perhaps the vast expanses of new world destinations such as New Zealand or Australia.

It has a higher acidity than many of its more famous counterparts, which makes it a great gastronomical choice, it counter balances the oily structure of the traditional food.

My serving suggestion would be to enjoy a chilled glass whilst indulging in the freshly grilled seafood dishes the Mediterraneo restaurant, The Elysium’s the beach side open air restaurant.

Speaking of restaurants, Elysium has no fewer than 5 to choose from, giving you ample opportunities to find accompaniments as you work your way down their wine list.

In the summer of 1974, Maria was a teenage schoolgirl preoccupied with boys, pop music and dreams of being an artist.

Her parents Eleni and George were both independently wealthy and the family lived in a beautiful home with orange groves tended by gardeners.

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