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Was the creation week 1750% longer [105 days long] in other parts of the world?

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The overwhelming consensus of the scientific community is that creation science fails to produce scientific hypotheses, and courts have ruled that it is a religious, not a scientific, view.

It fails to qualify as a science because it lacks empirical support, supplies no tentative hypotheses, and resolves to describe natural history in terms of scientifically untestable supernatural causes.

accelerated to 4.5 billion years old we would expect that rocks would only have that age range. Dates over 4.5 billion or negative/future dates below zero would be impossible. If creatures aboard the ark had the same percentages of those isotopes we have in our tissues today, and the acceleration applies to them as well as to everything else, they might not have survived.” ICR RATE book, Page 373.

See also "This plasma [600 Million Centigrade] persists for several hours on the First Day of creation week, during which time beta decay freely takes place under the bare-nucleus conditions of all of the atoms." When physicist Dr Russell Humphreys was still at Sandia National Laboratories (he now works full-time for ICR), he and Dr John Baumgardner (still with Los Alamos National Laboratory) were both convinced that they knew the direction in which to look for a definitive answer to the puzzle of why radiometric dating consistently (1) the initial isotope amounts are known, (2) the decay rate has remained constant at today’s rate, and (3) the sample has remained in a closed system for millions and billions of years.

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