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This study examined the association between attitudes about dating aggression and select dating aggressive behaviors (verbal aggression and jealous behavior) in high school students.

Our hypothesis, derived from cognitive dissonance theory, was that discrepancies between self-reported attitudes and aggressive behavior at Time 1 (i.e., putative cognitive dissonance) would predict decreases in aggression between Time 1 and Time 2 beyond what would be predicted by change in attitudes over the same period.

Other factors — especially Utah’s abstinence-based sex education — make it difficult to educate and protect people from diseases, she said.

In Colorado, public health officials recently announced that they have seen a more than 50 percent increase in syphilis cases this year, nearly entirely in men.

Just blocks away from the Tinder headquarters in Los Angeles, a large pink and purple billboard encapsulates much of what critics don’t like about the dating app. The billboard is part of a campaign from the Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which posted its warnings about Internet hookups and venereal disease in more than 50 spots around the city last week.

Two pairs of people are silhouetted against a bright background, their foreheads inclined toward one another, their noses nearly touching. The organization, which has also lobbied for stricter regulation of the adult film industry and, controversially, against a new preventative HIV drug called Pr EP, says that the quick and casual encounters made possible by dating apps are a “digital bathhouse for millennials, wherein the next sexual encounter can literally just be a few feet away — as well as the next STD.” Over at Tinder, people were not pleased.

The debate over the billboards might be new, but it’s being fought over familiar ground.

A website developer has collected data from in order to find out which words were used in the 'about me' section of a dating profile. Two of the faces bear the names of popular dating apps. Tinder user, meet chlamydia, the billboard implies. The dating app sent a cease and desist letter to AHF, the foundation said Monday, demanding an end to the campaign.“These unprovoked and wholly unsubstantiated accusations are made to irreparably damage Tinder’s reputation in an attempt to encourage others to take an HIV test by your organization,” it read, according to the Los Angeles Times.When a new patient walks in, “we’ll meet with them and we’ll say, listen, let’s make sure all of your partners get treated so you don’t get re-infected,” Bertrand said.“And let’s get online right now so we can find those partners and send them a message.” In its response to Tinder’s letter, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation argued that “rather than trying to chill AHF’s health message with frivolous lawsuits,” Tinder should add a message to its app urging users to practice safe sex and get tested.

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