Congolese dating relationships and marriage

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We both had a great deal in common, and had a true connection.It was truly love and first sight for the both of us.In the US at least, one could petition for his future wife by way of the Fiancé Visa provision or through outright marriage which could take upward of twenty months. But why do African men go though this tortuous and circuitous immigration process? Though the preceding assertion is not empirically grounded, one can not but notice that “greenhorn marriages” dissolve quicker — mostly within five years with or without offspring.

The immigration process can be lengthy and frustrating — depending on the petitioner’s immigration status. The innocents will lose the mist in their eyes and become like all the women that came before them.Within the last eighteen months I have attended nine welcoming parties.These are parties by friends and acquaintances who went to Africa, marry and successfully petitioned for their wives to come to the United States.And why do we slap the culture book at them when they have children out of wedlock? I get the evil look every time I tell people I am an agnostic who teeters on atheism.It is a shame the way some African men in this country have treated and continues to treat some of our women. My world resolves around ethics and the rule of law. I have no use for religion: religious convictions are not part of my existence -- the laws of man are good enough for me.

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