Congolese dating relationships and marriage dating jessica john mayor simpson

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Within the last eighteen months I have attended nine welcoming parties.

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They are everywhere working mostly the night and graveyard shifts, toiling day and night and away from their husbands and children just to make ends meet.With no time to smell the roses or to wonder at the beauties that surround them, they become strangers in the world they live in.Why do we wine and dine and romance our women if we have no intention of marrying them?I met a lot of African people in college because the Bay Area attracts people from various parts of West, Central, and East Africa.I have been to many weddings, parties, family gatherings with majority African people. I will say that most marriages seem to be between African men and African American women, but as in my own family, African women do marry African American men too. I was in a relationship with a Congolese man while in college.

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