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That became another discussion.”Sheen took Bruce to see Huizenga.“We have a moderate amount of HIV patients in my practice,” Huizenga said.“One of the doctors in my group practice is an HIV expert.”So the partners knew about Pr EP, as well as about the option that Sheen has to keep his HIV well-controlled using a cocktail of drugs.The pill’s an HIV drug called Truvada, and because of the way it works, it can prevent infection as well as treat it.“Pr EP has the potential to dramatically reduce new HIV infections in the nation,” added Dr. While condoms work best to prevent HIV infection, as well as other sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, people often don’t use them.And condoms cannot help injecting drug users who don’t have access to one-time-use needles. Only about a half of 1 percent of sexually active adults have a high risk of catching HIV.Huizenga says the drug cocktail keeps Sheen’s HIV levels undetectable.That doesn’t mean the virus is gone, but it means it’s circulating at such low levels that only specialized tests can detect it.She’d like to help get the word out to other people who might be at risk.“If you happen to fall in love with someone, as I did, who happened to be HIV positive, you can be intimate. Huizenga says all of his patients have tolerated the drug well. CDC estimates Truvada can cost ,000 a year, although Medicaid pays for it and many private insurers do, too.New York state’s department of health says a fairly simple effort helped to get the word out.

“Once we became a couple, I decided not to use them any longer.

But that adds up to a lot of people — 1.2 million Americans at “substantial risk," CDC estimates.

Those at highest risk are men who have sex with men — bisexual and gay men.

“But my mom was there,” he explained to Michael Strahan on Good Morning America this morning.

“I wouldn’t do that in front of her or let her find me to clean up that mess.” However, due to the ample medication given to him by the doctors, Sheen realized how grateful he was for the numerous options available to continue living his life as normally as possible. But there’s some good quotes that came out of it, right? So bizarre, so bizarre, so bizarre.” Charlie Sheen, still winning.

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