Cam shadow

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This surrounding matter accreting onto the hole heats up through viscous dissipation and converts gravitational energy into radiation, radiating bright light at many frequencies, including radio waves that can be picked up by radio telescopes.This shining material accreting onto the black hole crosses the event horizon, resulting in a dark area over a bright background: .

The studio window will now show a view from Light 1. Manipulation of the Lite 1 parameter dials will change the view of the scene.The event horizon is in the middle of the image; we can see the shadow (it looks like the top half of a circle, somewhat darker than its surroundings).The rotating accretion disk can be seen surrounding the shadow.Free and open to the public | No tickets required Screenings begin at 6 PM SLCC South City Campus Screening Room 1575 S.State Street, Salt Lake City Free parking after PM with KIOSK code SLFILM18 in LOT 4 on the east side of South City Campus.

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