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The explanation is: “We are aware that some users have been seeing inaccurate counts on their subscription lists.This is related to the maintanance we performed Wednesday, August 3rd which included upgrades to our databases.Would the problem Go Away if the feeds were cached, and only updated when an action (posting a message, adding a picture, etc.) occured?

They were updating thousands of feeds at a rate of 2 to 3 per second all day long, and I think it really was hurting the performance of the website.

But I'm afraid that by blocking out Bloglines, you'll actually be making the problem worse, not better. if I didn't I wouldn't have put them on all the pages. Bloglines will update from now till the end of time for that 1 person subscribed, whether or not they ever look a the feed again.

If they put it into a manual aggregator then BGG only gets hit when the person wants to look at their feeds.

I always assumed they just didn't update that subscription very often. I've been subscribed to the Hot Deals forum via Bloglines for quite a while, and it always seems they're lagged behind an hour or two (at best). I was assuming that the feed files were pre-generated, and as such, a couple extra page accesses a second would be barely a molecule in the bucket.

I always assumed they just didn't update that subscription very often. If all the files are generated on demand, I could see that being a bigger problem, of course.

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