Bitter men dating when is are we officially dating coming out

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Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.If you wait for him to get a spidey-sense premonition that you would like to do something, you very well may never do it. Some selfless person that is as concerned about you as you should be about them can help someone get over bitterness. Throw him a bone, and let him know you want to go do something if he doesn't already have something in mind. It wont happen overnight, and will take a special person to accomplish that goal, but it can be done. Anyways, its just sad that someone allows a hurtful event like a divorce dictate their relationships in the future.I mean, is bitterness something you can ever get over?I have no problem helping someone, and I tried so hard to help, but he has to acknowledge his bitterness and come to terms with his hurt and anger from the divorce and WANT my help and WANT to change. I dont think hes ever come to terms with what happened and how she isnt the good person he thought she was. Yet, Ive done nothing to betray his trust but am constantly accused of being shady and cheating when Im traveling for work, even when I stay in touch, dont go out, order dinner in my room and let him know everything Im doing.

I mean, in the 9 months we dated, he never bought me flowers, we went out to dinner MAYBE 10 times, went to a movie once and did a sporting activity like bowling and topgolf 5 times.... Yet, so many girls expect their boyfriends to treat them like a queen.Not that I expect him to spend his time cussing her name, but youd think he have a little more anger towards someone who accepted his proposal for marriage and couldnt even respect him enough to wait until she officially ended the marriage to spread her legs.HOWEVER, I travel for work, and I cant even go on a trip that literally consists of meetings and then heading back to my room for the night and ordering room service without being accused of being shady or cheating.I dont mean to make it sound like there are certain things a guy has to do, but is it too much to ask for flowers every now and then, or offering to help me clean up the kitchen after Ive shopped for and cooked dinner, or not throwing all the clean clothes Ive just washed on the dirty laundry room floor.... All Im saying is, a certain effort should be made in a relationship and these were things he did during his marriage.BUT, even though I’ve never once told him he couldn’t buy things, asked him for money or expected anything from him, he told me I would have to sign a prenup if we got married because ... It got to the point where we would fight and he would tell me that he couldn’t make me happy, when making me happy was simply doing the things boyfriends should do.

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