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Sexting can promote intimacy when done responsibly between mutually enjoyed parties.

It is the ultimate form of foreplay as it involves complicity in sharing fantasies and partaking in the explicit dirty chat, it’s amateur phone sex taking a whole new direction.

You love these perfect lips and amazing tongue, don't you?

I want you to take that cock out and jerk-off as I continue to drive you crazy with my sexy mouth.

She brings her book with her and takes a seat on the toilet to relieve her full bowels, but before she gets the chance I stop her and, with a devious smile on my face, announce that I have a better plan. As she bends over, I stretch her cheeks wide and have you take a look at the pretty little asshole that's going to be taking a steaming dump down your throat.

I explain the rules of the game to him, and tell him that if he can handle the pain I'll reward him by allowing him to kiss my beautiful ass.

After I loosen him up with that, I might see if he can handle my gigantic strap-on!

Getting started, I position myself behind him and slide the small strap-on into his ass.

Sure enough, within seconds he's screaming for me to stop, but he's not about to get any mercy from me.

I pound him harder and faster, laughing at his pain and humiliation when he begs me to stop.

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