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A beautiful woman who you see every so often, but you don't know she's a lesbian.5.

A woman that you know is a lesbian, but, for whatever reason (shyness, location, relationship status), you can't communicate with her.

In fact, there are plenty of panty-chasing ladies who are not all that attractive to men at all.

On the other hand, the lesbian community has churned out a few hotties to further fuel our fantasies of being a fly on the wall in the Great Hall of Dykes.

saying people in college thought she was a lesbian because she had pictures of naked chicks on her walls and it didn't bother her at all, she was an Art or Design major). If you were going to include barely bisexual women like Lucy Liu, this should be a much better list.Beth Ann, Bree and myself looking at all of the pictures that we had been taking of ourselves and laughing at how silly they were. (Lto R One Life to Live castmates Bree Williamson, Beth Ann Bonner and Kristen Alderson)Portovert was kind enough to donate gift bags to everyone at the party. The original article is almost too stupid for words.For one thing, the "she only played a lesbian in the movies" Gina Gershon is more bisexual than Lucy Liu.

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