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Pragmas are processed at compile time, not at run time. Usage Notes You can apply this pragma to: You cannot apply this pragma to an entire package or an entire an object type.Instead, you can apply the pragma to each packaged subprogram or object method.You can code the pragma anywhere in the declarative section.For readability, code the pragma at the top of the section.Answer: Autonomous transactions are used when you wan to roll-back some code while continuing to process an error logging procedure.

The changes also become visible to the main transaction when it resumes, but only if its isolation level is set to roll back the autonomous transaction.

Oracle raises an exception in the autonomous transaction, which is rolled back if the exception goes unhandled.

If you try to exit an active autonomous transaction without committing or rolling back, Oracle raises an exception.

If the exception goes unhandled, or if the transaction ends because of some other unhandled exception, the transaction is rolled back.

:- The balance of payment of a country is a systematic record of all economic transactions between the residents of the reporting country and the residents of foreign countries during a given period of time Balance of trade takes into account only those transactions arising out of the exports and imports of goods(the visible items).

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