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We are a very clean social network that is well looked after and watched over.

I think our developer team should provide Paytm with the plugin. If you have this adult sector on your website you only can use Payza.What I am trying to prove is that with the right dedication, hard work and understanding of SEO, good contents etc, anyone can also achieve results and all the time, not just one-offs :) having 5k members registered on your site and only 5 - 10 members are online at the same time a success to you ? lolfor me a successful site would be with at least 1000 members online at any give time, site activity is for me success not the registered number of users.My doctor also mentioned this to me but at the time I shrugged it off. Please add details of the most biggest and successful Dolphin sites you either own or know about to-date.

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