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Email and texting are great, but they’re not substitutes for verbal conversations, and without spontaneous, real interaction, it’s just too easy for the relationship to stagnate.

Thus, the key to figuring out how to survive an LDR when you hate talking on the phone is less about finding ways to not talk on the phone than it is about finding ways to make frequent, long-distance phone chats a little more bearable. And this is where I realized just why I have never been someone who’s into casual chatting on the phone: When I’m on the phone, I have a really hard time transitioning from “What’s new in your life?

The good news: most teenagers are very forgiving of parental missteps; they recognize their own faults and readily forgive others’.

Even better, in a healthy relationship, teenagers love you for who you are.

But if the “long” in your long distance relationship is very long — mine was 5,400 miles — then talking on the phone is impossible to avoid.

When you’re only seeing someone every few months, at best, there’s really no way to get around speaking to each other out loud.

In addition to all of the ways that being in a long distance relationship sucks (and it does suck), our whole relationship would rely on my least favorite mode of communication. It would be easy to answer “How does a phone-hater handle an LDR?

When someone is far away from you, nothing makes them feel close again like a package or a letter — something physical that they touched or wrote.

Here’s how: I am not exaggerating when I say, “Skype saved my relationship.” The first week that my boyfriend was gone, we tried to talk on the phone everyday. ” to the random, just-shooting-the-sh*t type of conversations that you have when you’re actually in the same room as someone.

By Day Three, we had run out of new things to talk about (“What did you do today? And how can you sustain a relationship if you can’t figure out how to have those rambling discussions about movies, or the weird encounter you had at the store, or how much you both hate that commercial with the song that you can't get out of your heads? When my boyfriend and I finally started using Skype, it was like the heavens opened and rained diamonds and pearls upon us, as music swelled in the background. But I found that being able to see him — even if the image was stuttery and pixelated sometimes — made all the difference in getting us over the hurdle, from “catching up on what’s new” to “casual conversation.” It really was the moment that I thought we might actually be able to make it through the two years apart.

(Another perk to this method: You get housework done).

Every relationship works differently, but most LDRs need a lot of regular communication to keep going.

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