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The rock carvings were discovered by a joint expedition from Yale and the Royal Museums of Art and History, in Brussels.The expedition team works in collaboration with the Egyptian antiquities ministry.The study covered the 100 most populous countries in the world, showing that Egypt’s overall obesity rates have reached a staggering 26.8 percent, landing us in second place, right after Saudi Arabia (27.5 percent), but still higher than the US (26.5 percent).We’re so okay with not being number one this time though.Although there is no app that we know that does this, there is Bey2ollak, an app that shows the degree of congestion on roads all across Cairo to help you save time no matter where you are heading.Changing with the times Bey2ollak have expanded beyond traffic and will inform its users of location where bombs have been discovered or have detonated, giving you not only the opportunity to skip the traffic, but also to remain all in one piece.

How will you make sure that your prayers are received if you have no idea what direction to pray in?Well that is when downloading Al Qibla app comes in handy as it works as a compass using your phone's GPS.Translate Travelling to a country in which you don’t speak the language?Data Man No matter who your provider is, data packages for your smartphone are expensive, and not being careful of not exceeding data allotted can burn a massive hole in your wallet.In order to avoid a massive bill, we suggest Data Man, an app that conveniently keeps track of your data usage, and warns you when you are close to going over your data cap.

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