Absolute dating tells you

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If they love the feeling of someone overpowering and disciplining them, that’s a power dynamic.BDSM play without power play is called sensation play.” Hold tight; we’re almost there, but first we need to talk about: COMMUNICATION People generally suck at communication.We learn just enough to become functional members of society, but there is no real training in relationships and how to do them well.

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Power play that extends beyond the sexual arena is usually called domination and submission (D/s).The same society that tells us sex is bad and then makes a fortune selling us pornography. Those priests and politicians that wave their crooked fingers and preach morality are always the ones that get caught diddling little boys and soliciting homosexual prostitutes. If you wanted to try doggie style or oral sex you were a pervert. The truth about what we do is that it’s nothing more than playing with our brains and our bodies so we can have way better sex.It’s the same way with sex today: doggie style and oral are now ordinary, and people who like rough sex and funny costumes are the new deviants. It’s also an arena where people can work through the natural power dynamics that arise in all human relationships in a healthy way.Note: A friend of mine, “Brian,” wrote this for the vanilla boyfriend of a sub he trained, and posted it on a social website for kinksters.I read it, and loved it (along with some 1,700 other people). For the record: Said boyfriend initially freaked out when she told him she was kinky, but is now trying hard to get on board.

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